Located between the islands of Utila and Guanaja, Roatan is the largest of Honduras' Bay Islands.  The Island was formerly known as Ruatan and Rattan.  Roatan is about 50 miles from the northern coast of the Honduran mainland.  Its proximity to the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea (second in the world to Australia's Great Barrier Reef), makes this area perfect for scuba diving.



Roatan measures about 37 miles in length and approximately 5 miles wide at its widest point.  Its Capital and most populated city in town is Coxen Hole (located south of Mahogany Bay).  The island's population is of approximately 30,000 inhabitants, locally known as Caracoles.



This area is fortunate to have year round tropical warm weather; average temperatures range from 80º to 85ºF.  During the year the water temperature for scuba diving varies from 70ºF minimum to 80ºF maximum.