We continue to receive some of the same questions from our visitors coming to Mahogany Bay. Hopefully, the below Frequently Asked Questions section will assist you regarding information about your visit.  If you feel your question has not been answered below, please send us an e-mail at info@mahoganybaycc.com and we will respond within 48 hours.
Q: What are the prices of the shore excursions listed on your web site and how do I book them?
A: All excursions listed on the Mahogany Bay web site are sold exclusively through the cruise lines who call here.  Visit the Shore Excursions section of your cruise line’s web site for information on prices and to book excursions.  The excursions listed on this website are only a sampling of the excursions your cruise line may offer.
Q: I see that my cruise line is not offering some of the excursions you have posted on your web site.  Can I book these directly with you?
A: Unfortunately no. Excursions can only be booked through the cruise lines.
Q: Is there a place to rent a car for the day in Roatan?
A: We currently have two car rental agencies located within Mahogany Bay Cruise Center near the taxi departure area.
Q: Is there a charge to use the facilities at Mahogany Beach?
A: There is no charge to use the beach and loungers.   Snorkel Equipment, beach floats and shade “clam shells” can be rented at the Beach Rental Hut on the beach. The Magical Flying Beach Chair and private air-conditioned beach cabanas are also available through your cruise line.
Q: Do we need to bring our own beach towels from the ship or does the facility provide them for us.  If you do, is there a cost?
A: You will need to bring your own towels ashore with you.  The cruise lines would also be grateful if you would take them back on board.
Q: I see that we have a scheduled call to Roatan on my cruise itinerary, but I do not see it on your schedule?
A: Our schedule is based on the latest information we receive from the cruise lines, however, occasionally cruise lines will make changes to their original itinerary for operational reasons. Please inquire directly with your cruise line as to these changes.
Q: Where can I get my passport stamped?
A: The Tourist Information Booth located near the taxi dispatch area will be happy to stamp your passport, however, these are souvenir stamps only, not the official immigration department stamps.
Q: Where can I obtain maps and additional tourist information?
A: The Rotary Club of Roatan in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism operates an information kiosk located near the taxi departure area.
Q: How much does it cost for a taxi to the different points of interest on Roatan?
A: Please refer to the section entitled Taxi Information on the Island Information page of this web site. The taxis in Roatan are not metered. Confirm your trip and price with your taxi driver before departing the port. Although fares are posted, you may be able to negotiate a lower rate with your driver.
Q: Is there an ATM near the cruise center?
A: There are two ATM’s located within Mahogany Bay, near the Tourist Information Booth. One dispenses local currency (Honduran Lempiras) and the other dispenses US Dollars. The U.S. Dollar is widely accepted in Roatan and the exchange rate usually fluctuates around 20:1 (twenty Honduran lempiras to one US dollar. Credit cards are accepted at some, but not all establishments. 
Q: Can I buy a ticket for the Magical Flying Beach Chair or rent a beach cabana once I arrive in Roatan?
A: Your ship's shore excursion staff can sell tickets at the port or you can visit the Magical Flying Beach Chair ticket booth located in the main plaza across from Fat Tuesday.
Q: Where is the best shopping on Roatan?
A: Without a doubt the best shopping is located at the cruise center. In Coxen Hole one will find a few craft kiosks and but the same items are available within the Cruise Center.
Q: Can I walk into town?
A: NO, walking along the road is not advisable. The nearest towns of Coxen Hole and French Harbor are both several miles away from the Cruise Center and there are no shoulders or sidewalks along most of the road.